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Candy Orange Natural Dyes

Candy Orange Natural Dyes

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Botanical Name - Bixa Orellana
Common Name - Annatto
Other Name - Bixin, Achiote
Part Used - Seeds
Uses - Fabric Dyeing, Antibiotics And Cardiotonic.

Achiote (Bixa Orellena) is a shrub or small tree originating from the tropical region of the America. Originally seeds of the Bixa Orellana were used to make red body pant and lipsticks as well as spice. It is best known as the sources of annatto, a natural orange red condiment. Annato is an orange-red condiment and fabric coloring derived from the seeds of the achiote tree (Bixa orellana). Annatto and its extracts are also used as an industrial food colouring to add yellow or orange colour. These seeds are processed to obtain the orange-yellow pigments, bixin and norbixin (carotenoids) as dyes for the food, cosmetic and soap industry. The flowers may be pink, white or purple. The paste is mainly produced by grinding the achiote seeds. Similar effects can be obtained by extracting some of the color and flavour principles from the seeds with hot water, oil, or lard, which are then added to the food or fabrics. Dyes extracted from Annatto also possess some or many medicinal and antimicrobial properties.

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How to use

(A)Wet the fabric with wetting agent/soapnut(Reetha) or normal wash with water at 50 degree for 20 mins.

(B) Pre Mordant :-

Pre-treat the material with alum 6% of fabric weight at 85°C for 60 mins.

(C) Dyeing :-

Add the required amount of dye to the dye bath. PH of dye bath needs to be maintained at pH 5. If it is higher than pH, 5 add vinegar, if below pH 5, use lime or soda ash. Stir well to dissolve the dye. Add fabric to the dye bath and maintain at 95°C for 60-80 mins. We check all our natural dyes at 5% of fabric weight; you can amend the percentage as per lighter or darker shade required.

(D) Post Treatment :-

Conduct soaping of the dyed material with non-ionic detergent (0.5gpl) or ezee soap at 50°C for 30 mins.

(E)Then conduct cold wash of the material at 50°C for 20 mins or more time.

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