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About Us

We, at Sodhani Biotech, are passionate about going back to our roots and exploring the natural way of life. With nature as our guide, Sodhani Biotech prides itself on developing products that are in harmony with the natural ecosystem. Our inspiration lies in the fact that life expresses its symphony through nature. Our natural dyes are helping pave the path to a circular fashion and textile industry, ensuring the artisans and colourist, the torchbearers of our rich heritage, continue to produce top-quality products that are also kind to the planet! Join our youthful and enterprising team on our mission to bring humanity and the environment closer, every day. We are constantly learning and evolving to stay in sync with current fashion and industry trends. If you are someone who shares the same enthusiasm for nature and colour, as those of us at Sodhani Biotech, we would be excited to have you with us. Come, let's work together towards the noble cause of Sustainability and preserving our Environment through the ways of timeless wisdom!


One of the biggest Natural Dyes advantages is its versatile nature.
Our Natural Dyes can be used with all types of natural and synthetic textile applications along with leather and paper.
Even if it's dyeing or printing, a single powder form provides you with satisfactory results and excellent performance on your Fabric, Yarn, Fibre or Garments. Suitable for multi dyeing techniques including Tie Dye and Sibhori.

DIY Workshop

Dye it Yourself ! We are a state of the art, one of a kind workshop where you can learn the art of dyeing, block printing and Shibori tie dye, all with natural colors. The workshop takes you on a journey, where you get to learn about the history of dyeing and assimilate the fundamentals of natural dyeing. Together, we will explore the existence of natural colors and soak in techniques to extract the yellows, orange, brown, pink, blue, red and greens from around us.

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Why Natural Dyes?

Health Benefits :-

Natural Colours are Non-Toxic, Non-Allergic & Hazard Free for skin and are acceptable everywhere in today’s world since Medieval Times. With not just only use for dyeing, these colours have numerous Medicinal Properties which are beneficial for Healthy Life.

Environmental Impact :-

They come from natural sources, natural dyes are not harmful to the environment, which makes it so appealing for consumers. Natural dyes are biodegradable and disposing them don’t cause pollution.


Trusted by Textile Brands, Artisians and Colourist worldwide with the seal of satisfaction for our superlative Natural Dyes collection

  • Carbon Footprint

    Carbon Footprint of our Natural Dyes is much lower and helps
    to reduce pollution caused by PetroChemical/Synthetic dyes

  • Antibacterial

    DID YOU KNOW ? Most of our Natural Dyes comes with
    inheriting Antibacterial properties

  • Colour Palette

    Sodhani Biotech embraces biggest Natural Dyes colour palette
    with subtle and harmonious shades.

  • Recycle

    Using Our Natural Dyes gives the assurance of no disruption
    to any food chain supply as many of our products come from waste raw materials.