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Is The Natural Art of Dyeing Dying?

The world of natural dyeing is indeed very intriguingly beautiful and harmless. It’s, in fact, the purest way colours can be derived and have we ever imagined a world without colours? We just can’t! because that is how we perceive objects. Let’s repeat that phrase “that is how we perceive objects”… naturally! We have, in fact, associated our senses with colours… naturally!


Now, what we have done is, we have induced another world (good or bad, we’ll get to that later), a world of chemicals and other substances to colours. Isn’t that taking the actual colour out of colours?  Isn’t that playing with the natural nature of the colour itself? We live colours – eat, sleep, drink and breathe them.


So! let’s try and keep them as fresh, natural and as much harmless as is within our reach.


Natural dyes - Get a feel of the real deal 


Being from a world that is encased with digital gadgets and chemicals, we may have forgotten that there was once a time (until 1856) when we made purple out of molluscs and crimson from insects, and several other shades and variations of colours from plants and animals that were there in abundance, and they were there all around us. Needless to say, they are still around us but what have we resorted to in the present?  The answer is Chemicals!


Why are we chemically synthesizing colours? 


Are we doing this so that we can imitate a colour the way we want it to see? Dyeing, which is the process of using a substance to add or change the colour of an object, mostly textile (yarns, fibres, and other fabrics) can also be done using natural extracts. Isn't it? 


Fast forward to why are so insistent on using natural dyes. That’s because colours were natural and to this date they are natural and harmless but by overdoing the synthetics processing, we are too an extent, taking out the “natural feel” out of colours. Having said that, we mean no animosity against synthetic colours but we shouldn’t be overdoing it? Right?

They have been around for a while now, they’ve made us happy and they’re an evident part of our lives, kudos to them!

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