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Some say God has created us some say we are an outcome of the big bang theory, but whomsoever whatsoever created us evolution played its part since the beginning in this never-ending cycle of life and death. As humans, we have kept transforming our environment in accordance with our needs and wishes and the environment kept changing itself further the extent that was acceptable. But unfortunately for us “humans”, there is no such thing such as an extent. Our ancestors and we have used these resources impetuously from the cradle to the grave. We will be scratching only the surface of the worst things that we had done to nature. In my point of perception discussing the sort of things that we humans had done, will absolutely be a cliché. As we all had already been introduced by the facts since our school days that human activities had and have been affecting our environment adversely, but I gave a thought to the percentage of the population knows how exactly, to cure these holes in the lungs of nature, major percentage of us have no idea about it because we have been living a really fast-paced life, in which we can open a magical door of our dreams by enchanting “Alohomora” but none of us knows how to close one. We should realize that we are standing on the edge of our apocalypse only because of our deeds only the only thing that can help us out is our deeds. Maintaining sustainability is something which all of us should be introduced at this peak of time and sustainability is not a particular term which can be elaborated with a particular definition within inverted commas. It’s a revolution and it should not be confused by its relation to the environment only, it’s everywhere from the environmental level to an industrial level, from economical level to personal level. Let me take you through some of the quantitative and subjective facts and figures. As the human race has grown by the time, the types of pollution had also increased by efflux of time. The time has gone when there were only three types of pollution now including them major pollution combines of radioactive contaminants from nuclear power generation, plastic waste accumulation etc. The worst damage from particulate emission combines countries like India, China, South Africa and DR Congo. Industrialization had changed everything around us it revolutionized everything around us every single thing. And so with that we all know what else it did, for instance, because of industrialization we are able to supply groundwater to every house but on the other bank we are running out of water so fast that predictions are that by 2030, there will be water crisis all over the earth, which will result in economic breakdown and poor life standards. We had discussed enough of the one phase of the coin let’s hop onto others, I appreciate the efforts that people are making to restore all the things, I want to share a personal experience of mine with such an inspirational organization which crossed my path. So here they go “ Sodhani biotech”, a Jaipur based firm, dealing internationally in natural dye and organic fabrics and conveying a beautiful and inspirational message all around the world through their wide range of the network. They have an offspring firm “dye it yourself” which is specialized in organizing workshops, educating and promoting the importance of maintaining sustainability through natural dyeing. They basically used to conduct workshops around the globe beyond any borders or limitations. I personally had a word or two with the director of “Sodhani biotech” Mr. Sidhant Sodhani “humans had done a lot with the nature, we here at Sodhani biotech just want to maintain the balance in nature through our capabilities and deeds and Sodhani biotech is one way we are doing this, we are not in any type of competition with chemical dyeing industry. I believe that natural dyes can never replace chemical dyes and it is good for us, just imagine if there will sudden shift of industries from chemical to natural dye, we will end up with no resources left, as the consumption is far greater than the available resources. that’s why I think all we need is a shift to a level where we can strike back the equilibrium, and it will be proud moment If we will be able to contribute even a percentage in that shift, and we are looking forward to it through our work at Sodhani biotech.” I personally respect the guts and the steps they had taken towards sustainability. Now before wrapping up I just want to address that it’s high time to realize what we had done and what we need, just slow down the pace of your life and give yourself a break and look around yourself what we had done and what we need to do. We are responsible for what had been done and only we will be able to change it.

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